Hugh Beyer

Founder & CTO

Hugh provides the technical expertise to support InContext’s design solutions. His extensive understanding of the unique and varied capabilities of a wide range of technical platforms enables InContext to design innovative solutions in virtually any development environment. He works closely with clients’ engineering teams and developers to mesh often opposing points of view to build workable solutions. Hugh also works directly with InContext’s design teams and coaches client teams in the Contextual Design process. He has pioneered the integration of customer-centered techniques into traditional development, using them to supercharge the Rational Unified Process, object-oriented design, and Agile. Hugh is the co-author of Contextual Design: Defining Customer Centered Systems which is used by companies and universities all over the world. Hugh’s latest publication is User-Centered Agile Methods, which bridges the gap between the Agile development and UX communities.

Hugh has more than 20 years of experience building and designing applications, systems, and tools. Before co-founding InContext, Hugh acted as lead developer and architect in a range of systems at Digital Equipment Corp. His domains of experience include object-oriented repositories, databases, and integrated software development environments. Since starting InContext, Hugh has overseen the design of applications from desktop to web to mobile, and from enterprise to small business to consumers in the wide variety of industries supported by InContext.

He holds a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard.


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