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Fast Company asks: Is this article Cool?

by Karen Holtzblatt

Finding a Product’s Cool Factor

by Karen Holtzblatt

Know You Are Building the Right Thing – Part 3

by Karen Holtzblatt

Know You Are Building the Right Thing- Part 2

by Karen Holtzblatt

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Fast Company asks: Is this article Cool?

Read the lively banter between Fast Company author Ryan Bradley and Karen about what makes technology Cool. Like many, he started from the assumption that “cool” is all about marketing glitz and appearances. We think it’s much deeper and more interesting than that.

While the article is fun, if you want to understand our Cool Concepts better, have a look at this brochure (PDF).

Fast Company article

Finding a Product’s Cool Factor

Check out my latest article Finding a Product’s Cool Factor published in the Wall Street Journal, and find out what the key factors in a cool product are. We can help you apply our Cool Concepts and design principles to your products.

Transforming the business of law

Our client at TyMetrix delivers solutions used by legal professionals. In this short video filmed in conjunction with programming airing on Fox Business Television, InContext CEO Karen Holtzblatt describes the users’ business problem TyMetrix wanted to address, and how we partnered to deliver a solution garnering rave reviews.

TyMetrix is empowering legal professionals to work more productively and competitively. No wonder they’re featured on a program called “Innovations”.

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