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InContext at CHI 2014

InContext is busy at CHI this year! We’re excited to be on a panel, leading a SIG, and presenting a case study.

InContext at HCI International / DUXU 2014

Karen will be co-presenting a paper at DUXU 2014 on "Cool in Business: Developing a Data-Based Instrument Measuring Cool". We’re pleased to have our work included in this international forum for communicating the latest advances in HCI.

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Finding a Product’s Cool Factor

by Karen Holtzblatt

Know You Are Building the Right Thing – Part 3

by Karen Holtzblatt

Know You Are Building the Right Thing- Part 2

by Karen Holtzblatt

Innovation by Design

by Karen Holtzblatt

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Rapid Contextual Design

A how-to guide to key techniques for user-centered design

Contextual Design

Defining Customer-Centered Systems

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InContext at CHI 2014 in Toronto

Design Methods for the Future that is NOW

April 28

In a world that has been disrupted by new technologies and approaches, do we need different data collected, different styles of prototyping, different design principles, and ways of structuring products or apps when building across multiple platforms? This panel explores whether user research and design methods as we know them need to be radically overhauled, or even eliminated.

Case Study: Measuring Product “Coolness”

May 1

Cool products provide a leap in value and market share. We launched the Cool Project to understand the underlying principles which make a product “cool,” which we validated with business users. From this we designed a cool metric, resulting in a repeatable process for measuring cool through a quick survey that guides product teams on how to increase the “coolness” of their products.

SIG: Communicating User Research

UX professionals are challenged to represent and communicate what we find in ways that are valued and consumable by product teams. How can we get what we know into stakeholders’ minds so it drives their design thinking? This SIG creates a forum for people with real-world experience to discuss their best practices—and missteps—for communicating user research.

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